Why do so many young freelancers want to use unreliable languages like Python instead of good ones like C# or Java?

It’s because many of them aren’t very good people. They lack the moral fibre and strength of character to choose proper languages, and they make mistakes in thinking that reflect their immaturity, intellectual inadequacy, general inferiority, and overall insufficiency of being.


That’s not it at all.

It is true that statically-typed languages like C# and Java are more productive and easier to use for large-scale projects…

dynamically vs statically typed programming languages effort

…but for scripting, experimenting, and relatively small-scale projects in small teams or by individuals, Python and other dynamically-typed languages are easy to use, well-documented, have plenty of available libraries, may require fewer keystrokes than equivalent statically-typed code, and are perfectly adequate for many uses.

Remember, languages are tools. You don’t always need industrial-strength C# and Java heavy-duty tools. Sometimes, a Python or JavaScript pocket screwdriver — light, convenient, and easy to carry — is just the right tool for the job at hand.

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